Ozan Tekin

Mornings For Sale / Satılık Sabahlar

Mornings for Sale / Satılık Sabahlar is a visual and auditory performance created by Ozan Tekin. The idea behind this performance is to expose the process that normally takes place in a room or a studio; thus make it possible for the audience to experience this creative process.

Mornings for Sale / Satılık Sabahlar, which aims to attempt to make Sound a documentation of the visuals, originates from the assumption that urban people experience the night-and-day circle without realizing that they themselves are a part of it.

The performance tries to make sense of those who attribute the city to the mornings, those who have just finished their daily routine in the morning or those who cease to witness the time and space right there and then, while trying to figure out whether the night precedes the day or the opposite. It aims to recreate and experience whatever happens in the isolated corners of the city when the night has just ended with visuals made for each specific performance accompanied by the sound that happen to be produced there and then.

No.1 - Pangalti

Live Improvisation: Ozan Tekin
Video: Ali Farkhonde, Fatih Yücel 
Light Design: Utku Kara
Photos: İrem Sözen
Design: Onur Sönmez



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