Ozan Tekin

@ Begüm Koçum

Ozan Tekin started playing the piano at the age of 5. This early introduction to music not only made him interested in music itself but also enabled him to be sensitive and aware about the phenomenon of Sound throughout his life. 

Today Ozan Tekin is a producer, composer and performer. He has worked as a performer/producer with many artists/bands from the independent music scene in Istanbul, including Yora, Ars Longa, Post Dial, Biz, Nilipek. and Can Güngör. He also composed music and made sound design for theatrical plays and performances of companies like 'Studio 4 Istanbul' and 'Ikincikat'.  These productions have been staged in prominent festivals in Turkey and Germany.

In 2016, Tekin started to perform his own project that is a performance series that he has been developing for several years, which is called "Mornings for Sale / Satılık Sabahlar".

In 2017, he composed music and made sound design for Burak Cevik's first feature-length film Tuzdan Kaide (2018).  The film premiered in the Berlinale Forum 2018.

Now, Tekin appears in several projects; as the keyboarder of the Libyan disco star Ahmed Fakroun, as a part of Cologne’s nextbigthing BODDY and also under his singer-songwriter alias Seyrek Rifat. In October 2019, Tekin has released his debut album called 'Pillars of Salt' from Cologne based label NOORDEN, which consists of the compositions he wrote for the film Tuzdan Kaide and his independent ambient works. 


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