Ozan Tekin - Anarya I


“Anarya” is a figurative attempt by Ozan Tekin to migrate backwards. The title of the album echoes a vernacular saying from his hometown “anarya gitmek” meaning “going back”. “Anarya I”, is a five-track EP that focuses on the first part of Tekin’s inverted journey that starts from Cologne, passes through Istanbul and comes to an end in his hometown Adana.

The transposed narrative of “Anarya” sprung up from its roots when Tekin came across with a 65 years old worn out piano. Mesmerized by its unique sound, he felt the urge to make recordings with this piano before it fell apart. After spending months learning its mechanics, Tekin recorded his second album with the old upright piano he repaired and brought back to life.

“Anarya I” is portrayal of Tekin’s projections crafted over neoclassical, jazz and ambient music fading through his piano. It embodies Tekin’s unaffected absorption into piano music with his remarkably catchy melodies and immersive melancholic arpeggios. Such absorption is accompanied with uneasy changes in time signatures and subtle ambient ornamentations with gloomy synths of 80’s, lush strings and room tones.

Tekin’s constantly evolving music generates its swaying movements of sonic exploration, adaptation and transformation from his resolute faith in not to be entrenched in any single genre. This time, he gives voice to his resoluteness via the immersive intimacy radiating from the piano conversations in “Anarya I”.


Self Release

Release Date:

May 2021

Written and produced by

Ozan Tekin

Recorded by

Ozan Tekin

Mixed and mastered by

Emre Malikler

Artwork and design by

Başak Ünal