The first ever project I created seven years ago will be back with its second episode. Details will follow very soon. Viele Grüße aus Adana.

Spring dates for ‘solo piano’ shows with so much NRW love.

Here is a video with memories from Müze Gazhane Istanbul concert in last November by Tuğçe Kep. Such a beautiful day to be remembered. Much love to all the people who came to the concert, to the crew of Müze Gazhane and to Doktor, Berkay, Nilipek and dear Fıstık.

I am very excited to share the last performance video from the session I had at Mefharet in Istanbul. “Sunsick” is one of the compositions in “Anarya I” which focuses on my time in Germany. As a mediterranean, one of the biggest struggles I’ve had since I moved to Germany is definitely lack of sun. That’s why I wanted to name this song as Sunsick.

Verified This photo was taken in February 2021, during the time I was recording Anarya in my old studio. Back then, I had no idea about how far I could go with my piano works. Yesterday I saw my track "Troubled Nest" was featured in the first episode of new BBC Sounds series "Classical Focus", curated by Phil Smith. It feels amazing to be there in company with artists like Hania Rani or Nils Frahm. It's such a fantastic playlist with the latest classical sounds, you can listen it via BBC website.

I've been waiting for a very very long time but finally my latest album "Anarya" is available on vinyl! LPs fresh out of the box with lots of love just for you! Today the first batch of orders have already been shipped out to Japan, UK and Germany. You can get your copy on my bandcamp page now! Or later:) Thanks a lot for the love and support so far.

You can now watch the video by Tuğçe Kep for Life Blooms in Concrete on Youtube.

The story I tell through Anarya has finally come to an end today and it is completed. My journey back from Cologne to Adana with a long layover in Istanbul in “Anarya”, is an attempt about going back from today to my childhood and revisit some memories on the way. The album is composed of 14 tracks, and each one of them is a sound story that echoes those distinct memories from these three cities. So grateful to share the whole story finally. Hopefully Anarya can be a part of your own stories from now on.

Troubled Nest was the last song I wrote and recorded for Anarya. It is one of my Istanbul songs. After the recording I was not sure yet if the song was completely finished or not since I tried to glue very different ideas and moods together and it was hard to convince myself if the 'whole' piece somehow make sense and sounds good enough to be shared. After a while, I was happy about the result. The piece, as a whole, has a diversity of melodies, moods that are actually able to connect each other in an unexpected way. The idea of consisting of contrasts which don't create chaos but peace made me think about dedicating this song to Istanbul. A city I lived for a long time, a city of chaos and contrasts. (Kıymeti ve kıyameti büyükşehir.) I'd say Troubled Nest pictures both shiny and tough sides of Istanbul(the one in my memories) with its episodic and dispersed structure. It is likely that when you are in İstanbul you are stuck in traffic or stuck in yourself or stuck in between west and east. You can now watch the performance on Youtube.

You can read the comprehensive review about Anarya by Mike Gates on

Live version of "965" is now online on Youtube. It was an exciting recording session with Alican and Tunahan at Mefharet in Istanbul last march. They recorded some videos of my live performances and I am very glad to share the first video from that session finally. 965 was written on a day of improvisations and I remember I was very happy to have made such a simple yet complete song and I kept it the way it is in the album, but you will hear an extended version of it in the video:)

You can now watch the video by Volkan Ergen, Yağmur Telli Yücel for Ode to Being Idle from the forthcoming album Anarya on Youtube.

New single „Ode to Being Idle“ is out now! The opener of the last chapter of Anarya, where I wind my musical journey back to my homeland Adana. "Ode to Being Idle" is the oldest composition in this album which is like a window that I can look back at my childhood through it. The more I look back, the more I realize the legitimate idleness and carefreeness of being a child. Which I find it very beautiful and impossible to reach as an adult. In the last chapter of Anarya, you will realize the change of the musical direction, and the music is not only happening around a single piano. After producing as "solo" for years, it's also very special for me to make a collaboration with an artist whom I respect a lot. He is not only a drummer but a great producer. It was an incredible experience to work with dear Berke Can Ozcan who heard and unterstood me and my music by heart in a very short time of period from thousands of kilometers away, and did such an amazing job. I am very grateful and feel so lucky to work with him. You will hear more his magic in the album.

I am so thrilled to announce that my new album "Anarya" will be out 27th of May via Gulbaba Records . Ahead of the release, I will share my new single "Ode to Being Idle" next week on 22nd of April. My inverted journey which started from Cologne with "Anarya I", and then passed through Istanbul with "Anarya II", will come to an end soon in my hometown Adana with "Anarya". The album is composed of 14 tracks and each one of them is a sound story that echoes of my distinct memories from these three cities. I can't wait to share this whole soundtrack that I've been working on for such a long time.

“Anarya” is a figurative attempt by Turkish-born Cologne-based artist Ozan Tekin to migrate backwards. The title of the album echoes a vernacular saying from his hometown “anarya gitmek” meaning “going back”. “Anarya II”, is a six-track EP that focuses on the second part of Tekin’s inverted journey which passes through Istanbul.

Dear all, i'd love to announce that my new record "Anarya II" is out on February 4 via Gulbaba Records. Ahead of the release, the single "Troubled Nest" from “Anarya II” is out this friday, on January 7. The inverted journey Anarya, which has started in Germany with "Anarya I", will pass through Istanbul with "Anarya II". “Anarya II” is simply an attempt to revisit some memories in Istanbul. Trying to bring some simplicity into chaos and see how they confront each other. Looking forward to share some new music soon and wishing you all a great new year.

You can now watch the live performance video of Irresisitible Call of a Swift from 13th Ambient Festival, Cologne, 2021.

You can now watch the video directed by Gizem Guvendag for Flutter (Ballad of July) from Anarya I on Youtube.

“Anarya” is a figurative attempt by Ozan Tekin to migrate backwards. The title of the album echoes a vernacular saying from his hometown “anarya gitmek” meaning “going back”. “Anarya I”, is a five-track EP that focuses on the first part of my inverted journey that starts from Germany, passes through Istanbul and comes to an end in his hometown Adana.

Dear all, I am pleased to let you know that my new album journey “Anarya” will finally start soon. The first part of the album “Anarya I” EP will be out digitally on May 7. A 65 years old worn out piano I came across last summer became more than a friend to me during these difficult times. Mesmerized by its unique sound, I felt the urge to make recordings with this piano before it fell apart. After spending months learning its mechanics, I recorded my second album with the old upright piano I repaired and brought back to life. I believe "Anarya" is the most challenging and inspiring project I've ever worked on, that's why it's quite special for me. I can't wait to tell more about it and share it with you. Love, Ozan

Very glad to tell you that I've started to record my second solo album ‘Anarya’ which will be a combination of series of EPs. This album will be another kind of journey to my personal history. All the small ideas for piano that I’ve written in the past years finally have time and space to be processed and recorded. The first part of the album will be released as an EP called ‘Anarya I’ in Spring 2021. Very much looking forward to share some new music with you!

You can read the article “Surrounded By A Wall Of Sound” by Janset Genel about me and my music on Awham Magazine’s third issue.

I’ve composed original music for the theater play KOmİk (funny) by B plani which will be premiered in 24th Istanbul Theater Festival on 17th of November 2020. The play is written and directed by Sami Berat Marçalı who also wrote the lyrics for the songs I’ve composed. Very excited to see how Ceren and Efe will perform those songs live on stage!

Thrilled to be a part of Why Not? Kollektive’s performative installation Why Not? Remember The Future! which will be premiered in Next Level Festival, Essen on 13th of November 2020.

I will perform in a special lecture performance “Mit May und Nietzsche durchs wilde Kurdistan” by fringe ensemble which will be staged at Theater im Ballsaal, Bonn at 25th and 26th of September 2020.

During the pandemic, I’ve had the privilege to produce Miriam Berger’s song Sand together with her. We had to make the production remotely and I’ve also mixed this track. You can listen the track via Spotify or watch the video that Miriam made. Hope you enjoy!

I’ve performed Pillars of Salt in magical Crimea Memorial Church in Istanbul last December. It was a thrilling experience to share the same night with Berke Can Özcan and to have Motus Lumina’s smashing live visuals. Live video of “A Bird At Nordring” is now online.

My first solo album Pillars of Salt is finally out today via NOORDEN! It consists the music I’ve composed for film Tuzdan Kaide and also some independent ambient tracks I’ve worked for the past 5 years. It’s available in Vinyl/Digital.